Sunday, November 14, 2010

7 Tips to save money on your electric & water bills.

My family has managed to cut down dramatically on our electric & water bills with these easy steps!

1. We replaced the faucet aerators in both the bathroom and kitchen to help decrease the flow of water coming out.
2. We installed a low flow shower head and started having the kids share bath water (one gets out the other gets in) & DF & I shower together to reduce the amount of water being used.
3. We installed energy efficient light bulbs throughout the house.
4. Instead of putting 3 bulbs in the ceiling fans we use 1 high wattage energy efficient bulb and the same goes for the bathroom.
5. We use low wattage EE bulbs in our lamps.
6. When we go to bed we unplug all unnecesarry electronics like the TV's, The computer (because even on stand by its using electricity), The stove (never unplug the fridge of course), The microwave, video games, washer & dryer, stereo etc... pretty much stuff that we won't be using in our sleep and won't hurt anything by being unplugged then we plug them in as needed
7. We unplug our phone chargers as soon as our phones are charged (chargers use as much energy as your fridge if you keep them plugged in even with no phone hooked up to it)

With these steps we have been saving $50 or more per month (our water & electric bill are actually combined) and saw these savings within the 1st month of making these changes!!

I hope these tips will be usefull in helping your family save some money!

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