Monday, January 17, 2011


Virtapay (formerly Paybox)

Today my balance is over $4000.00

Let me explain to you about Virtapay. I'm sure you have heard of and probably even use Paypal, but Virtapay is something new that will be a secure online payment processor like paypal.

On September 1st 2010 Virtapay began its Pre-launch. Rather than pay for billboards, commercials, etc... they opted to instead pay people like me and you to promote and test the site for them, they call us the earlybird testers.

I found out about Virtapay on October 16th 2010 and signed up that day and I have watched my balance grow into what it is today.

I have been spreading the word in forums on sites that I frequent & have had people return after 1 month and post that they are pleased to see a balance of over $500 from just logging in once a day!

The benefits of Virtapay:

1. Sign up is 100% FREE

2. $25 is deposited into your account when you sign up FREE

3. Log in once every 24 hours and $20 goes into your account

4. Get $10 in your account for every person that signs up under your link

5. By the time Virtapay is fully launched, you will have thousands of dollars in FREE money to do whatever you want with!! Pay bills, pay off your car, go on vacation, save it, WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO THE MONEY IS YOURS FREE!!!!

6. You & your spouse CAN have your own seperate accounts out of the same household!! My fiance signed up Nov. 2nd and has a balance of over $2800.00 with only $20 from referrals!

7. Virtapay lets us know whats going on in blog updates.

Currently there are over 300,000 active earlybird testers, but we need to get that number up to 2-5 million earlybird testers to launch the site and get PAID!

Since there is no catch, no strings, no obligation, and they never make you fork over a dime, you have absolutely nothing to lose by signing up & so much free money to gain!! or use my fiance's link

We hope you love Free money as much as we do!

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